2014 list of beers

Here is the 2014 list of beers selected by Keith and Sue Simpson of Brown Cow Brewery, Selby. It is a typical selection by the Simpsons who bring their experience and expertise to making these selections.

As explained elsewhere this is now a legacy website until another local organisation approaches wetherbyweb to discuss sponsorship of their beer festival website.

No.BreweryBeer name%ABVColour
1Brown CowMrs Simpson's Vanilla Porter3.9Brown
A scrumptious rich multi award winning porter with fresh brewed vanilla pods complimenting the complex dark malts. A Thriller in Vanilla that packs a punch
Sponsoredd by Aquascapes and Landscaping
2Brown CowTraditional English Bitter4.2Deep Gold
A Deep Gold classic bitter brewed with English hops, round and full in flavour with a smooth finish.
Sponsored by: Phlok
3Wold TopHello Velo4.2Pale
A sparkling crisp ale with an earthy spiciness and honeyed marmalade overtones. The perfect finish to a ride through Yorkshires wolds, moors and dales. This completely British beer is brewed with predominantly our own home grown barley, our own pure chalk filtered water and UK grown Goldings and First Gold hops.
The “Yellow Jersey” of cycling beers!
Sponsored by: Practically Perfect
4Leeds BrewerySamba3.7Pale
A hugely drinkable blonde beer. Using malts more usually associated with lager, this pale brew is delicate and fruity whilst retaining a clean finish.
Sponsored by: The Bridge Hotel & Spa
5Revolution BreweryMemorabilia Mild4.5Ruby
Rewind 33 series – monthly special and limited to 60 casks only. Ruby mild made with a continental ale yeast.
Sponsored by: A & M Signs
6Elland BreweryGoldrush4.6Gold
Pale golden coloured, this beer is brewed using a combination of three different malts and one New Zealand hop. It has a considerable floral, herby and spicy aroma with refreshing citrus hop and balanced malt flavours followed by a long full hoppy aftertaste.
Sponsored by: Pristine Cars
7Bradfield BreweryFarmer's Blonde4.0Blond
Currently the breweries top seller, this very pale, brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale.
Sponsored by: Interact Ltd
8Great Heck BreweryShankar IPA5.9Pale
India Pale Ale is a traditional English beer style typically featuring plenty of alcohol and hops. The beers were designed this way to last the voyage from England to India where they were the daily ration of the English Army. Named after the eponymous Ravi, Shankar IPA represents a place where English craft brewing oriental intensity and rock and roll meet. A seriously fruity, hoppy, pale ale with a clean, zesty finish.
Sponsored by: Claro Precision Engineering Ltd
9Bridestone's BrewerySilver Fern4.2Amber Brown
Amber in colour this is a traditional Bitter but full flavoured with use of New Zealand Hops
Sponsored by: K A Anderson Metal Recyclers
10Mallinson's BreweryHolly Blue4.0Pale
A new beer from this brewer, this pale gold ale has a fresh zesty aroma from the late use of Centennial hops. The taste is fruity, spicy and bitter with a zesty fresh finish.
Sponsored by: Bluefin Insurance Group
11Haf Moon BreweryEquinox3.6Pale
A light coloured ale with a soft, spiced flavour and well balanced hop character. An easy drinking session ale.
Sponsored by: Sweet Temptation
12Ossett BreweryRio de Ja-Beero4.0Pale
The 6th in our ‘World Cup of Hops’ series. Each beer utilizes the same 4% abv, pale malt base with a similar quantity of a single hop variety added and the beer being named after that hop variety. This dry, lager coloured ale is fairly bitter but very refreshing. Generous quantities of English and American hops are added during the boil while further dry-hopping during conditioning brings an intense citrus aroma.
Sponsored by: Deans Computer Servicesplc
13Ilkely BreweryMary Jane3.5Pale
Multi-award-winning pale ale packed with American Amarillo and Cascade hops. Intensely refreshing and satisfying, with surprising balance and body for such a low abv. Mary Jane was named from the character in the Yorkshire folk song On Ilkla Moor Baht'at and is our best-selling beer by a country mile. Hast tha’ been a’cooartin Mary Jane?
Sponsored by: Printworks (North) Ltd
14Ilkley BreweryDerby Day Stout7Dark
Derby Day is a Mint Stout. Inspired by the classic American cocktail, Mint Julep, this unusual and extraordinary beer combines rich chocolate malt flavours with lingering fresh mint. A classic combination in a unique format – a beer that has to be drunk to be believed! This is Ilkley Breweries take on a very special beer – try it if you man enough, but be careful it is a full 7% abv and not to be messed with.
Sponsored by:GSM Valtech Industries Ltd
15James & Kirkman BreweryShooting Star4.1Pale
Pale Ale with floral hop aroma, sweet malt, bitter hop and tart fruit in the mouth with a long dry finish
Sponsored by: Franks Accountants
16Settle BreweryLight3.6Pale Straw
The brewery’s inaugural beer, Light is a delicate pale straw coloured beer. Its modest 3.6% ABV and light, fresh flavours make it the ideal sessional drink. Easy drinking and very moreish, it boasts a subtle blend of fruit and spice flavours with zingy citrus overtones.
Sponsored by: Ware & Kay LLP
17Settle BreweryClassic4.0Rich Amber
Classic is a traditional one hop bitter, at 4% ABV. Rich amber in colour, it has an earthy bitterness, with fresh lemon and lime notes. Our most recent addition to the range, it is a real quencher, and like the railway itself, one which has already attracted a great following.
Sponsored by: G E Hartley & Son
18Collingham BreweryJourneyman3.9Light Amber
A best bitter brewed with Maris Otter and Munich malted barley with Summit and Styrian Golding hops to give a full measure of maltiness and superb hoppy flavour.
Sponsored by: Stockeld Farms Ltd
19Collingham BreweryArtisan's Choice4.4Deep Gold
Brewed with Maris Otter and Vienna malted barley and Citra and Motueka hops to give a smooth drinking Golden Ale with a pronounced fruity, citrus hop character.
Sponsored by: The Decorating Centre
20Collingham Brewery Blonde3.8Blonde
A delicate and easy drinking Blonde with a refreshing citrus kick.
Sponsored by: Newcombe Consulting Ltd.
21Ampleforth MonasteryAbbey Cider6.8Pale
A medium dry full-bodied cider from the famous Ampleforth Abbey Monastery.
Sponsored by: J M K Electrical Ltd
22Orchards of HusthwaiteGaltres Premium Apple Cider8.0Golden
A medium full-bodied apple cider that has been cask conditioned.
Sponsored by: #wetherbyhour
23Orchards of HusthwaiteGaltres Blush Apple Cider6.5Blush
A medium sweet full-bodied apple cider flavoured with strawberry, raspberry and cherry juice.
Sponsored by: Magic Memories Mascot Hire
24Orchards of HusthwaiteGaltes Pear Cider7.0Straw
A medium cider that is fruity whilst smooth in taste.
Sponsored by: Image Is Everything Ltd


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